Nobuhiko (“Nobi”) Ochiai is a Japanese author and journalist. He’s written over 140 books in hardcover and 120 in paperback, both fiction and non-fiction. Published by major Japanese firms such as Shogakukan, Shueisha, Kobunsha, Bungeishunju, and Kadokawa Haruki Publishing, they have sold more than 120 million copies.

Educated in Japan and at Albright College in the US, Nobi initially worked in oil exploration. In 1973, he returned to Japan and started a career in journalism and writing. His first book came out in 1977.

Nobi is well-known in Japan as a journalist and author of global experience. Asahi Beer recognized this image when they used his endorsements in a series of beer commercials in international settings. (Click here, here, and here for examples on Youtube.)

His Japanese website is at NobiOchiai.com (click here).

A Japanese wikipedia entry on Nobuhiko Ochiai is here.

An announcement for Nobi's new book

9 Responses to ABOUT NOBI OCHIAI

  1. Bill russo says:


    Hoping you and Hiromi are OK after the terrible earthquake. I know Tokyo was not the center, but that there was some effect there too.
    If you get this, my email is warusso@verizon.net, let me know how you are.


  2. Shay Dimerman says:

    How are you? Remember me the photographer from Israel . If you have any business opportunity for me I am open to all.
    How is Hiromi?
    Keep in touch.

  3. Chris Thom says:

    Mr. Ochiai,
    My name is Chris Thom. I am a friend of Drew Mann (your friend George Mann’s son). I am trying to contact you because I want to help Drew (I think you know his situation). He’s going to die if he doesn’t change what’s going on and I know he won’t do it on his own. He mentioned that you had offered to help him in the past and I wanted to find out if that help is still available. Hopefully you will see this or the webmaster will pass it on.

    Thank you,

    [Webmaster: Hi Chris, the message was passed on.]

  4. Kenton Reinert says:

    My name is Kenton Reinert and I learned karate under Nobi in the Unites States. I owned the Reading Academy of Karate in Reading, PA. I have been trying to locate Nobi to say hello and found this website. Can you please pass along my email address to him? Kandnreinert@gmail.com

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Kenton Reinert

    Hi Kenton, I’ve passed your message to Nobi.

  5. Bonnie Kametz Kramer says:

    Hello, I am trying to reach Nobi who was a good friend while in Reading, PA. Recently, I discovered a number of letters he had written when I left Reading and would like so much to get in touch. I was associated with his good friend, Pete Arrowsmith. As a good friend, Nobi always remained special in my heart, and I’m so happy for his great success. Please pass on my email address to him.

    [Reply: Hi Bonnie, I will certainly pass on the message. Webmaster]

  6. Leonard Land says:

    Hi, I was emailing Nobi a few years ago but lost the address. He was my Sensei in Japan in the summer of 1969. I have a few pictures I think he’d like that I recently came across. Can you help me to reconnect?

    Leonard Land

    Hi Leonard, I’ll pass on your message.

  7. Frank Camper says:

    Hi Nobi — Surfacing here after all these years. Wanted to update you on my life now, to include MKULTRA, STAR GATE, quantum mechanics, government service, tech patents.

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