New book – The Titans who Changed the World: If…

Despite the catastrophes of March 11,  I  finished my new book at the end of July. It was published finally on 31 of September. The title of the book is If: The Titans Who Changed The World.

Like all my other books, it’s in Japanese. It has imaginary dialogues with ten giants who changed the world, and considers alternate histories. For example, what would have happened if JFK was not assassinated in ’63,  or what would have been the fate of the Roman Empire if Julius Caesar had not been killed. It’s a  historical entertainment and looks at the many “IFs”in history.

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After the Earthquake

Nobi and his wife Hiromi are okay after the earthquake; the building they live in has not been affected. Any messages left here will be passed on to them.

–  Webmaster

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Nobuhiko “Nobi” Ochiai – in English

Nobi is a Japanese author of geo-political thrillers and non-fiction. He’s written a huge number of books, none of which have so far been translated from Japanese, so despite his familiarity to audiences in his own country, he is not as well-known overseas. This website gives English-speaking readers access to a best-selling Japanese author — and maybe, some day, his translated work.

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